Spirit  Valley  Pictures


Spirit Valley Pictures, created by Alberta Nye, is for the purpose of presenting a positive outlook about death and dying.

Death is a topic many people avoid.  Alberta had a near-death experience at 22 years of age, which profoundly impacted her view of life and death.  Since then she has been looking for and wanting a way to express and share her experience and to let people know that death is not the end.  

The death of her ex-husband renewed this passion and led her to documentary film making.  

You will not find scientific or theological insights on this website. There are many other resources for this type of information.

Alberta connects with ordinary people having extraordinary experiences concerning death. Their statements come from personal experiences and are told in everyday language.

Her first film is the story of Margaret Hackman’s final months, So I’m Dying . . . now what?

Her second documentary, Smiling at Death, A Closer Look at Dying. is about the moment of death when the dying person sees and hears things others don’t or can’t.

10% of the proceeds from the sale of these documentaries will be donated to Hospice.