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Margaret  Hackman   1953 - 2009

Margaret met Alberta through a mutual friend when she asked to speak to someone who had had a near death experience.

Margaret had been battling cancer for some years

and decided to end treatment and die

with dignity and awareness.

Margaret died as she lived - with enthusiasm, humour and courage as she ticked off items on her bucket list. With her spouse Sherri Kasten’s help, she planned her funeral as carefully as one would arrange any celebration.

One of the ‘four to six months’ of her prognosis had already passed before we even started the project. From then on it was an organic process and any filming had to be geared to how Margaret was feeling. Would she have the time to do everything she wanted, including getting her Canadian citizenship?

All we could do was film and hope.

So I’m Dying . . . now what?

is a film that expresses how one person deals with impending death

with humour and a sense of adventure.

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